Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The teeth may endure a lot of acidic foods and unfavorable conditions throughout the day. Due to this, they tend to discolor over time, irrespective of how well you brush and floss them. Discolored teeth ruin the aesthetics of your smile and can hinder your confidence levels. Hence, we offer teeth whitening solutions to get rid of the stains from the teeth' surface and give you a bright smile.

What are the common causes of teeth discoloration?

  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Excessive consumption of colored foods or beverages
  • Improper and irregular oral hygiene
  • Aging
  • Wear of the teeth surfaces
  • Ill-effects of some medications
  • Gum diseases and infection

What are the various teeth whitening options?

  • Conventional teeth whitening: It is the most prominently used means of teeth whitening. We use a whitening gel containing some Hydrogen Peroxide for the purpose. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, and tartar deposits will be removed. Special trays will be done to fit your teeth (custom made). The whitening gel will be applied in the tray and spread evenly. After allowing it to stay for the time instructed, it will be rinsed off, which leaves behind whiter teeth. Depending on the severity of the staining, the procedure can be repeated multiple times. Please follow your dentist's recommendations on using it. 
  • Take-home whitening kits: Take-home whitening kits comprise of custom-fabricated whitening trays and a prescribed whitening gel. The dentist will hand them to you, and you can use them in the comfort of your home. Squeeze the gel onto the tray and place them on your teeth. The walls of the trays keep the gel from getting diluted by the saliva, which renders better results.

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