Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, scaling and root planing, is the more extensive form of the “regular cleaning”. In this treatment form, we will clean the tooth roots to get rid of the adhered tartar deposits and calculus that could be deposited in the gum pockets. The reason this type of cleaning is performed is because the pockets are deep and a toothbrush cannot remove the bacteria layer. It would be a team effort between you and our dental hygienist to help clean those deep pockets and maintain the health of your gums. For your comfort, the dentist will usually administer local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums before starting, You will absolutely feel no pain at all.

What are the advantages of a deep cleaning?

  • Removing tartar from the teeth roots helps to provide relief from oral infections and gum diseases (periodontitis)
  • Prevent and reduce the accumulation of microbes and food debris on teeth roots, which in turn prevents the formation of tartar and calculus.
  • Cleaning the deep gum pockets removes the bacteria that could cause gum diseases. Also, you will experience fresher breath and your teeth will feel amazing

How is a deep cleaning done?

The dentist or your dental hygienist will place topical gel then administer local anesthesia to the gums. This is done as the scaling tip will be inserted between the gums and tooth roots to remove the tartar. A hook-like scaling tip is used for the purpose, which is also used to smoothen out the root surface and clean the gum pockets. Suitable medication will be recommended if you have developed any gum diseases.

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